Is ODM a practice management company?
Absolutely not! Your practice is not required to use any of the tools or training we provide other then those that will allow you to provide us accurate information at the time of billing. The tools are there if you want to use them; however, we strongly believe that if you follow the patient appointment concept, your practice production and collection will increase.
Can you really do the job and not be in the office?
Absolutely! Today's technology allows us to use the Internet and sophisticated software to manage your practice as if we were there. We are there... you just won't see us.
Is the Internet safe?
Yes! If the public can do online banking and store shopping, certainly you can have ODM fulfill your practice managerial needs without losing sleep. Our systems come with modern firewall protection on our end, and encryption software on yours. In addition, we have the capability of backing up your system at your office location each time we log in!
What if I or a member of my team has questions?
Trained ODM team members are available through telephone, instant messaging, and e-mail. We can access your office in real-time and help a team member through a difficult treatment plan presentation, billing or insurance question all while the patient is there.
Are you a collection agency?
No. We believe that if each of the steps outlined in the Patient Appointment are planned and completed effectively, there should be a minimum of collection problems. Although ODM will bill the dental insurance and provide the documentation necessary to ensure payment, as well as bill the patient when necessary, it is the responsibility of the dental practice to provide ODM with the information to accomplish this task. Do not confuse this with collections and the necessary means to bring in revenue to your practice. We absolutely do all of that!
Why not collection?
Because this does not give the responsibility of collection where it belongs... at the time of service. Making your financial arrangements tight and accurate and collecting the patient co-pay at the time of service should alleviate most, if not all, collections problems. We do not want your front office team member to have the attitude that they do not have to be responsible for OTC collections because ODM will take care of it. We do this as a team with our proven "checklist" approach to patient care.
Do accounts ever go into collection?
Despite all the efforts of ODM and your front office team member, there will occasionally be that patient who will not live up to their financial obligations. As part of our services, ODM will assist your practice in attempting to collect on this account. If we determine that the account is not collectible, we will recommend that it be turned over to a collection agency.
How is ODM different from a billing agency?
We believe in a concept. While ODM does focus on the billing aspect of your dental practice, we strongly believe in the patient appointment. If any of the tactical steps taught by ODM fails... the billing process will fail. Offices that follow our simplified business concepts experience immediate success.
What do you mean by accountability?
Online Dental Manager will be the doctorís eyes and ears in his front office. Because of our many years of experience, ODM is able to review the actions of your front office on a daily basis and quickly correct an issue before it develops into something else. We provide accountability reports regularly to the doctor so they will be able to see where the practice is gaining or losing ground. ODM will also make recommendations, and implement them, to help maintain practice success.
Will ODM replace my front office team?
ODM utilizes todayís technology combined with highly trained team members to provide dental offices with state-of-the-art management services. Although ODM has the capability to completely manage a dental office, ODM is best utilized when augmenting your existing office manager. We teach office managers advanced business techniques that increase practice revenues, and redirects traditional office manager duties into more rewarding responsibilities.
What if I don't want ODM to do everything?
That is why ODM has numerous services available to the practice, and you're only billed for the services provided. Every practice is different hence their needs are different. ODM can customize its services to meet dental office needs with a realized financial gain to its customers. You will be able to add extra components such as credentialing, accounts payable, etc. at any time. ODM is definitely changing the traditional responsibilities of dental office managers from financial responsibilities and billings to treatment planning and patient care.
Can ODM protect my practice against employee fraud?
No company can completely deter an employee with dishonest intentions, but ODM makes it extremely difficult. ODM looks at the practices A/R and audit trail report on a daily basis. With that type of checks and balances, your employees will be more likely to "keep it honest". In addition, we know where to look for fraud and embezzlement. If an employee appears nervous when we come on board, keep an eye on them, and we'll do the same.
How does ODM bill its clients?
After the initial set-up fee, ODM bills their clients an administration fee each month, which covers envelops, postage, forms, and other such office consumables. In addition, ODM charges a flat hourly rate for services provided. It has been our experience, for practices requesting comprehensive services from ODM, for every $10,000 of production you will average $150-$200 of billable services each month. That includes the administrative and hourly fees! We know itís hard to believe; believe it! One of our first clients averaging $75K per month in production averages $1,400 per month in billable services.
How will ODM save my practice money?
Online Dental Manager will provide the tactical tools and training to increase production in your practice, which translates to increased revenue. Every ODM client experiences an increase in revenue. Offices that are completely managed by ODM realize a significant decrease in payroll expenses and employee benefits. Offices that are partially managed by ODM have more satisfied front office team members due to the fact that they can focus on the patient care and services.
How does digital radiography and imaging work with ODM?
Digital radiography and imaging enhances ODM's capability. Our highly trained team reads your imaging and attaches those images to the corresponding insurance claims. Insurance claim denials rarely happen with oral facial imaging, and we show you how to turn that service into a profit center.
What if I have analog (film) radiography?
Not a problem! We send the insurance claims to your office with accurate requests of needed films to complete insurance claims. However, we'll show you just how financially rewarding digital radiography and imaging can be. We'll only show you once though!
What does static versus dynamic Internet mean to ODM?
Some offices have Internet service that has changing, or "dynamic", IP addresses. With today's technology, service providers can easily allow your office to have "static" IP address, which is an address that stays the same. Static IP addresses are what most businesses have, and so should you.
Does ODM do insurance narratives?
That’s what separates us from "e-claim" type services. Not only do we use electronic billing to expedite your income from claims, but we also provide narratives for procedures requiring them. Your office will no longer need to worry about writing those time consuming narratives. We know the words to say that get claims paid in timely fashion.