> Insurance Billing
ODM will submit charges to the appropriate dental insurance company for reimbursement. We will attach all necessary documentation and/or narratives to ensure payment to the dental practice in a timely fashion. ODM will be responsible for all follow-ups necessary in relation to the outstanding claims.

> Patient Billing
ODM will submit any final statements that are necessary after the insurance has paid their portion of the dental claim. ODM will work closely with the dentist’s practice to collect any outstanding balances that may be owed the practice.

> Checking Reconciliation
ODM will balance your checkbook. Our team is trained on many popular banking software such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Accounting. Once again, because we do not handle any of your currency, this becomes another form of monitoring fraud.

> Accounting and Accountability Reporting
ODM will provide the doctor and/or practice owner a wide range of accountability reporting to reflect where your practice is at in terms of treatment plan acceptance, production, over-the-counter collections. The accountability reporting can be designed to meet your specific practice needs. ODM can offer solutions and/or training as necessary to correct potential problems or increase the current practice goals. ODM can offer your practice comprehensive accounting services. We have an “in house” accountant available that can provide a wide range of services based on your specific practice needs.

> Coaching for front office team members
ODM offers coaching and support for all of its services and systems implementation. Many offices will spend thousands with practice management consulting firms to obtain a fraction of the benefits ODM provides its members. And ODM increases the practice revenues through very specific coaching at a fraction of the cost.

> Insurance Credentialing
ODM will prepare any documentation as required by the insurance companies. This includes initial application as well as periodic re-credentialing. ODM can also work with the dentist to ensure that his/her licenses and certificates remain current.

> Collections
While ODM will not accept full responsibility for collection of the practice A/R, we will provide whatever training and support the office may require to collect an outstanding balance, and are committed to keeping the A/R current and controlled.

> Accounts Payable
ODM can take care of the practice’s accounts payable whether it be as little as reconciling your bank statements or as extensive as actually taking responsibility for your A/P. Our trained staff is familiar with both QuickBooks and Microsoft Accounting.

> Marketing Assessments
Management and Marketing (the “m&m’s” of business) are the two principles of business that must be mastered for any business to succeed. Marketing brings in the business, and management maintains the cash flow with the patient flow! Rest assured, ODM is more than capable of helping with your marketing needs and giving your dental business the look and feel of professionalism found with any major corporation.

> Practice Oversight
ODM monitors your practice on a daily basis. We can immediately detect any discrepancies, collection problems, etc., in a much more timely fashion…way before the account becomes 30, 60, or even 90 days past due. Also, by monitoring your practice activity, this creates a deterrent for any staff member who may be tempted to commit a dishonest act.

In short, if you need it, ODM can do it…or work with you to find someone who can.
> Decrease in payroll overhead
> No employee taxes for our services
> No benefits paid to ODM
> FREE 30-day trial of TreatmentPRO
> Increased fraud protection